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How to Move Contacts, Apps, Photos, and Videos, from Android to iPhone

How to Move Contacts, Apps, Photos, and Videos, from Android to iPhone
How to Move Contacts, Apps, Photos, and Videos, from Android to iPhone

iOS is a significant platform and sooner or later you might need to attempt Apple’s mobile OS. We won’t judge! Hey, perhaps you simply need to have an auxiliary iPad or something like that. In any case, you will presumably need to take every one of your contacts with you, however, you should recollect these are two totally various platforms.

Here’s how to move contacts, applications, photographs, videos and pretty much everything else you need from an Android cell phone to an iPhone

In case you’re an Android user thinking about moving to iPhone (or on the off chance that you’ve just changed from Android to iOS), you might be worried about moving every one of your information – recordings, photographs, recordings, contacts, schedule, etc – and ensuring nothing is lost simultaneously. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place.

Fortunately moving contacts, videos, photographs, and applications from an Android phone to iPhone really couldn’t be less difficult – things being what they are, Google is incredible at this stuff. Far superior, Apple has an Android application explicitly to control you through the procedure.

Setting up a new iPhone from scratch with Move to iOS

Apple’s Move to iOS Android application remotely moves a client’s “contacts, message history, camera photographs and videos, web bookmarks, mail records, and schedules” from an Android phone to their new iPhone.

You’ll also be given some advice on applications. The switching procedure will propose any free applications that were on your Android gadget and which are likewise accessible on Apple’s App Store, helping you to rapidly recover financially, yet the paid-for applications you claimed on Android should be purchased again for iOS, shockingly.

In case you’re beginning once again with another iPhone, during the underlying arrangement you’ll see a page headed Apps and Data. Here is the alternative to Move Data from Android. Select this at that point go to your Android phone and install the Move to the iOS application from the Google Play Store.

Launch it, tap Continue, consent to the Terms and Conditions, permit the application access to contacts, messages, and different things it demands, at that point page entitled Find Your Code tap Next.

Come back to your iPhone and you should see a screen with the title Move from Android. Tap Continue and you will be presented with a code. Type this one into the Android application, select the information you need to move, at that point tap Next and the procedure should start.

When it’s finished, wrap setting up your iPhone and you should now have the entirety of your stuff from the Android telephone locally available.

Apple has more insights concerning the Move to the iOS application here, and the application is available on the Google Play store. (You may be astounded by the application’s good evaluating. At the point when it originally propelled the audits were severe.)

This application makes the way toward moving from Android to iPhone far more straightforward. But there are other ways to get the job done.

how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

There are two different ways of moving contacts from Android to iOS. We’ll layout them both underneath, however, in the event that you’ve been using your Android phone for any time allotment, we emphatically recommend you attempt them in the request given.

Transfer contacts using a Google account (simple)

In the event that you’ve been utilizing your Android telephone and Google account (Gmail, Google Play, etc) for any time span, the odds are that the entirety of your contacts will be adjusted to your Google account. In any event, the ones you utilize frequently ought to be.

Ensure you’ve backed up your Android phone, at that point go to Settings and pick Accounts and Sync or comparative. The variety between the distinctive dynamic adaptations of Android, and the diverse modded variants provided by the different handset producers, make it difficult to be exact about the wording. For example on our stock Samsung Galaxy S9 it’s under Settings > Accounts and backup > Accounts.

how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

Enter your Gmail account details and enable synchronization. Your phone contacts and Google Contacts should now synchronize.

Next, open your new iPhone. Open the Settings application, look down and tap Accounts and Passwords (or Mail, Contacts, Calendars in some more established forms of iOS), at that point include your Gmail account. Ensure Contacts are empowered for the record. You should now locate that, following a couple of moments, the entirety of your Google contacts are in your iPhone.

Move contacts with a Google account (advanced)

For belt and supports, and to ensure this procedure consistently works in future, consider doing the accompanying, either on your iPhone after you’ve followed the means above, or on your Android, before you make the move:

1. Open the Settings application on your iPhone.

2. Select Passwords and Accounts (or Mail, Contacts, Calendars on older versions of iOS).

3. Select Add Account.

4. Select Other.

Move contacts with a Google account (advanced)

1. Select Add CardDAV Account.

2. Fill out your record data in the accompanying fields:

Server: Enter “”

Client Name: Enter your full Google Account or Google Apps email address.

Secret phrase: Your Google Account or Google Apps secret word. (In the event that you’ve empowered two-advance confirmation, you’ll have to produce and enter an application-explicit secret word.)

Portrayal: Enter a depiction of the record, (for example, Personal Contacts).

3. Select Next at the top of your screen.

4. Make sure the Contacts option is set to ON.

When you’ve finished the arrangement procedure, open the Contacts application on your gadget, and synchronizing will naturally start between your iPhone and Google. Whenever you set up any cell phone, Google should hold the way in to the entirety of your contacts.

How to use an Android SIM in an iPhone

This works just if your Android phone takes a similar size of SIM as your iPhone.

You can, obviously, chop down a bigger SIM to fit, yet do this just if all else fails – on the off chance that you miss the point the SIM and your contacts are gone for good.

How to use an Android SIM in an iPhone

First, save all contacts on the Android phone to its SIM. Next, embed the SIM into your iPhone, taking consideration not to misplace the iPhone’s SIM. At last, go to Settings and select Contacts (or Mail, Contacts, Calendars in the older version of iOS) and tap Import SIM Contacts.

At the point when the activity has completed, you can supplant the iPhone’s SIM card with the first card.

How to move applications between Android and iPhone

There’s no simple path around this. If you needed to pay for an application on Google Play, you’ll most likely need to pay for it again on Apple’s App Store.

That is bad news. Fortunately, in pretty much every case the application you like using on Android will be available on iOS, and if the application depends on client accounts and logins, the details you use on one are probably going to chip away at the other. And hopefully, any in-application purchases, extra content you’ve purchased or benefits you’ve joined to through the Android application will be open on your iPhone.

Open the App Store on your new iPhone, make an Apple ID account if necessary, and begin scanning for those applications you love. Also, recall that there might be free of other options.

How to move photographs and videos from Android to iPhone

There are a few straightforward methods of doing this. The first includes introducing an information moving application.

Using data move applications

You can locate a few such applications on the Apple App Store, however, recollect you likewise need to introduce the related application on your Android telephone through the Google Play store.  (iOS/Android) as it’s routinely refreshed, which means you shouldn’t encounter issues with more up to date forms of both Android and iOS.

PhotoSync for Android

Simply install your picked application on both your Android and your iPhone, and you’ll be guided through the way toward moving files from one to the other.

Using iTunes

The other method to move photographs from Android to iPhone is to use a computer with iTunes. Since the launch of macOS Catalina, Apple has designed the product, however in case you’re running any adaptation more established than this or using a Windows PC then you’ll despite everything approach iTunes. You need just discover the photographs and recordings on your Android telephone, move them to your PC, sync them to iTunes, and afterward sync your new iPhone with iTunes. A comparative procedure works for videos, as we will diagram underneath.

To move your photographs from Android to iPhone, basically associate your Android telephone to your PC or Mac. Pick the photographs and recordings you need to move, and drag them to an organizer on your PC. For effortlessness, we would make another envelope on the Desktop called ‘Photographs for move’.

Presently plug in your iPhone to your PC or Mac, open iTunes, and snap your iPhone. Snap Photos, select the ‘Sync Photos from’ checkbox and pick the folder into which you spared your photographs. Snap Apply and the photographs will match up to your iPhone.

Using Google Photos

On the other hand, you could use Google Photos to get to your Android photographs and recordings on iOS without having to really spare every single document to your telephone. To do this, first, download the Google Photos application on your Android gadget and back up your Gallery. At that point download the application on iOS and sign in to your Google account.

From here, you’ll have the option to get to any of your photographs or recordings when you have a functioning web association. On the other hand, you can choose every one of your documents and tap the three speck symbol in the upper option to spare them all to your gadget.

It’s somewhat of a more extended procedure as you need to transfer and afterward download your whole exhibition from the cloud, however, it’s simpler than utilizing iTunes.

How to move videos from Android to iPhone

The principle here is similar to that of moving photographs from Android to iPhone. You have to get recordings documents from your Android and on to your PC or Mac, at that point get those records into iTunes and adjust your iPhone.

The basic stage here is to back up your Android to a PC or Mac. Since most Android gadgets can be mounted and used as outside stockpiling, this can be as straightforward as hauling the entirety of your videos files from the mounted Android telephone’s organizer structure and moving them into the videos folder on your PC or Mac.

Presently introduce and open iTunes on your PC, insofar as you’re not using macOS Catalina. Go to Library, and snap Videos. Open the folder into which you put your videos files, and drag them to the videos see in iTunes.

Presently attach your iPhone, click iPhone, and snap Videos. You can decide to match up your whole library or select just the tunes or craftsmen you just included. At that point, click Sync and the tunes will be added to your iPhone.

Please feel free to give your comment if you face any difficulty here.

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