Ethereum – Smart Contracts

Ethereum Smart Contracts

In this tutorial you will learn about Ethereum – Smart Contracts step by step. So without much to do let’s get started.

There are several tools available to develop and test contracts. One of the simplest tools is provided on the official Ethereum site itself. The tool is known as Remix, we will use this for our contract development.

Ethereum – Introduction

A huge success of Bitcoin raised hobby inside the minds of several to create their own currencies. Looking at the benefits offered by Bitcoin – a digital currency, people wanted to use the concept of Blockchain in their own applications. People wanted to move out in their physical contracts to smart digital contracts in which numerous issues like repudiation, transparency, security, and etc. Would be routinely addressed. The outcome of this attempt resulted within the creation of Ethereum – a popular platform for creating distributed Blockchain applications that support smart contracts.

Remix for Contract Development

Open the Remix IDE by typing in the following URL for your browser.


The following display screen will seem.

In the center window, you’ll see some default code, that is a sample Solidity code. You will type your contract code on this code editor. Your code may be auto-compiled. Upon a success compilation of the code, you will be able to run the code inside the same IDE. When you execute the contract methods, the result will be displayed in the same IDE window. There are facilities to debug the code and to unit test your project. These can be seen within the menu bar at the top right hand side as shown within the IDE screenshot beneath. You will be the use of these options quickly.

You will now begin writing your contract.


Ethereum Tutorial

Ethereum – Introduction

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Ethereum - Introduction

Ethereum – Introduction

Ethereum - Solidity for Contract Writing

Ethereum – Solidity for Contract Writing