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Antarctica Data Sources: Mapping the South Pole

antarctica USGS Earth Explorer

GIS Data for Antarctica

Because when you’re attempting to discover data for the South Pole, at that point we have the absolute best for you to try out.

This incorporates research stations, satellite imagery, and environmental management.

1 Quantarctica Antarctica Data

Quantarctica is the most particular resource in this rundown. This open-source Antarctica information bundle is transparently accessible for research, training, and activities in Antarctica.

Its data catalog spans everything from ice cores to geology and environmental management. The best part? The data continues to expand with new contributions from the research community!


2 USGS Earth Explorer

Out of the considerable number of information entries on the planet,  rank USGS Earth Explorer as the top asset for satellite imagery. However, it doesn’t just have data from satellites.

On the off chance that you examine somewhat further, you can discover ethereal imagery, calibration, and instrument sites for Antarctica. In case you’re searching for additional state-of-the-art satellite imagery for Antarctica, you can discover scenes from Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8.

antarctica USGS Earth Explorer
3 Antarctica Research Atlas

This interactive USGS Atlas of Antarctica allows you to single out precisely what you need to find in your own altered map. For instance, you can kill and on geographic names, hydrography, rise, and physiography.

It’s also worked by the United States Geological Survey (USGS). That is the means by which you realize the data sources are authoritative.

Antarctica Research Atlas

GIS Data for Antarctica

Now that you have some data for Antarctica, it’s time to give it a test-drive.

Try some open source GIS software, and put your foot on the gas

Now, it’s your turn. What Antarctica data do you want to see? Or are we missing any sources? What are some other good sources of data for the South Pole?

Please let us know with a comment below.

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