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Who developed the C programming language?


Who developed the C programming language?

C programming language was first presented by Denis Ritchie at the AT &T’s Bell Laboratories USA in 1972 and was actualized without precedent for DEC PDP-11 computer.

C advanced from two past programming dialects BCPL (created by Martin Richards) and B (created by Ken Thompson). Denise Ritchie utilized the ideas of BCPL and B to create C and included information composing and some other incredible highlights.

History of C programming

– How did everything start?

In 1960s Dennis Ritchie was working at AT&T Bell Labs to build up a working framework. On those occasions, every one of the frameworks utilized low-level computing construct which required pages of codes for even straightforward assignments.

The UNIX framework which was worked by both Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson was constructed utilizing a low-level computing construct. Later they changed the chip arrangement of UNIX from PDA-7 to PDP-11. Around then B (created by Thompson himself) was the most exceptional programming language and they thought of executing it on UNIX yet the similarity issue of B with PDA-11 prompted the improvement of new elevated level programming language which was later named C as it was the successor and affected from B.

At first, C was broadly used to build up the UNIX working framework and these days additionally practically all major working frameworks are written in C and C++. In 1978 a book named The C Programming Language was distributed composed by Denise and Kernighan which turned out to be generally famous and got one of the best books expounded on software engineering.

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