How to Prevent People from Stealing your Wi-Fi Network

How to Prevent People from Stealing your Wi-Fi Network

The information LED of your remote switch is continually flickering and none of the relatives are utilizing the Internet at home. This may demonstrate that somebody outside – presumably your neighbors – is surfing the web utilizing your Wireless (Wi-Fi) organizer.

Are neighbors using your Wi-Fi organize?

In the event that you might want to affirm whether an untouchable is utilizing your remote home system, here’s a stunt. First, enter the switch’s IP address in the program’s location bar – here’s the manner by which to discover the switch’s IP Address. At that point open the DHCP Client Table (it is under Status – > Local Network – > DHCP Server for Linksys switches). This demonstrates a rundown of all gadgets associated with your remote system including those of outsiders.

The most effective method to Prevent Wi-Fi Theft

You can’t obstruct the Wi-Fi signals from arriving at your neighbor’s home however there are a few things you may do to keep them from piggybacking on your remote system. A portion of the notable strategies to verify your Wireless system include:

Arrangement a secret word for your Wi-Fi organize – Open your switch’s administrator dashboard and set the remote security mode to either WPA, WPA2 or WEP (use WPA2-blended if conceivable). Presently individuals would need to know the secret key before they can join your Wi-Fi arrange.

Use MAC Address Filtering – Your workstation phone, telephone, tablet, and every other contraption have an exceptional MAC address. Go to your switch’s dashboard and under the Wireless Mac Filter area, include the MAC locations of all your known gadgets with the goal that just whitelisted gadgets can get to your remote Internet.

Demoralize Neighbors from using  your Wireless Network

A great many people in the area, who are associating with your Wi-Fi organize without authorization, could be doing so unexpectedly in light of the fact that their PC demonstrated to them that an open remote system inaccessible here.

wifi arrange SSID

Mikko Hypponen has a splendid plan to debilitate such individuals from interfacing with your remote system.

You can rename your remote system name, otherwise called SSIDs to something terrifying – like c:\virus.exe – and your neighbors are less inclined to associate with your Wi-Fi arrange until the end of time. Different recommendations for unnerving SSID names incorporate Police Van and Network Service Unavailable.

To change the SSID of your remote switch, sign in to your switch’s administrator comfort and rename the system under the Basic Wireless setting.

[*] Find the MAC Address of your gadgets

On the off chance that you type “ipconfig/all” at the order brief, you can without much of a stretch discover the MAC address of your PC’s system card – simply search for the string “Physical Address.” The Wi-Fi Mac address of cell phones is regularly recorded on their Settings page.

The MAC Addresses are additionally recorded inside the DHCP Client Table of your switch.

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