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In this tutorial you will learn about Blockchain Tutorial step by step. So without much to do let’s get started.

A blockchain is a growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked using cryptography. Each block includes a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data. Blockchain has been in quite a few buzz nowadays. And that is particularly because it’s backbone of the very well-known cryptocurrency in the world – the Bitcoin. Many Governments and main Banks have decided to bring many of their conventional transactions primarily based on Blockchain concept. The applications and ability of this framework is huge and is taken into consideration to be changing the manner transactions are made in various domains.

What is Blockchain?

A blockchain is a continuously developing ledger which continues a permanent record of all the transactions which have taken place in a secure, chronological, and immutable way.

Let’s breakdown the definition,

o Ledger: It is a record this is constantly growing.
O Permanent: It means once the transaction is going internal a blockchain, you can put up it completely within the ledger.

O Secure: Blockchain placed information in a secure way. It uses very advanced cryptography to ensure that the data is locked inside the blockchain.

O Chronological: Chronological means each transaction happens after the previous one.

O Immutable: It method as you construct all the transaction onto the blockchain, this ledger can never be changed.

A blockchain is a chain of blocks which include records. Each block records all of the latest transactions, and as soon as finished goes into the blockchain as a permanent database. Each time a block gets finished, a brand new block is generated.

Note: A blockchain may be used for the secure transfer of money, property, contracts, and so forth. Without requiring a third-party intermediary like bank or government. Blockchain is a software protocol, but it couldn’t be run without the Internet (like SMTP used in email).


This tutorial has been prepared for professionals aspiring to learn the basics of Blockchain. We attempted to give an explanation for Blockchain concepts via Bitcoin Crypto Currency. This course is going to offer you excellent know-how for the students and professionals aspiring to make a career inside the Blockchain technology.

This tutorial will teach you blockchain technology, the driving force at the back of the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. You will learn various aspects of cryptography, process of creating and chaining Blocks, Network & Mining and plenty of other concepts related to blockchain technology together with designing of a blockchain network.

This is about Blockchain Tutorial and we really hope that you have learned something from this tutorial and also share your opinion about this tutorial. What do you think about it and if you think that this tutorial will help some of your friends then do share this tutorial with them.

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