Microsoft Copilot: What is it? Here are all of its capabilities.


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The Surface event this week included a wide range of new products and features from Microsoft. The Microsoft Copilot AI assistant, which officially launches on Windows 11 on September 26, was the star of the show. We also saw upgrades for the Surface Laptop Go 3, Surface Laptop Studio 2, and other Surface devices.

However, Copilot won’t be restricted to Windows 11 alone. The business disclosed that its AI assistant powered by Microsoft Edge and Bing chat will be able to communicate across all of Microsoft’s services, gaining access to your files, Microsoft 365 activity, and text messages on your phone. Microsoft wants Copilot to be the centerpiece of your Windows experience, to put it briefly.

Microsoft demonstrated some of its features at the Surface event. In a demonstration, Copilot—which took the form of an OS-embedded chatbot—was requested to look up a user’s flight information on a phone connected to Windows 11. Without the need to wade through text messages or email inboxes, Copilot quickly uncovered the information.

Additionally, the assistant can send texts on your behalf. You might, for instance, ask Copilot to inform your significant other of all the forthcoming showtimes if you’re attempting to plan a quick movie date night. Copilot can propose interesting locations or activities to see at specific times if you receive a text from a buddy who is visiting the city and has some spare time, all without you having to do anything. It goes without saying that this creates certain privacy issues. Users can choose whether Copilot has access to their texts, according to Microsoft.

The Copilot icon will be located directly next to the Windows 11 search bar, making it difficult to overlook the new functionality on the desktop. From there, you can ask Copilot to perform specific things like tidy your unending array of windows, find a music mix that fits your mood, or enable dark mode. Copilot can do a lot with text because it is based on the ChatGPT-powered Bing. You can ask it to paraphrase, clarify, or rewrite lengthy passages of text that you find online. You can even ask it to create writing in response to a suggestion, such as “Write a paragraph about minimalistic architecture.”

Copilot, which enables users to automatically blur backgrounds and enhance photos, is coming to programs like Paint, Photos, and Clipchamp with the most recent Windows 11 update, according to Microsoft.

Beginning on September 26, a free Windows 11 upgrade will make Copilot available to Windows 11 users. Later this autumn, according to Microsoft, Copilot will be added to Bing and Edge. Microsoft 365 will also get Copilot on November 1, albeit a little later. Check out our blogs here for all the other latest articles.

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