Step by step instructions to Use Meet Now: Skype’s Free Zoom Alternative


How to Use Meet Now: Skype’s Free Zoom Alternative

Zoom meetings are well known, however, the free, individual meeting plans have a 40-minute time limit. Microsoft has presented a free Zoom elective called “Meet Now,” which supports up to 50 users, limitless calls, and no time limits. In case you’re a gathering coordinator, Meet Now just backings Windows 10, and you ought to have a Skype account. In any case, the beneficiaries can undoubtedly attend the video conference on Android, iPhone, or Mac and needn’t bother with a Skype account.

Here we tell the point by point steps on the best way to start a Meet Now conference and collaborate with different participants.

Instructions to Enable Meet Now in Windows 10

Just Windows 10 users can fill in as meeting coordinators in Meet Now. Check if the symbol for Meet Now is unmistakably noticeable close to the framework plate. If not, you can enable it from the taskbar.

Right-click on the taskbar and go to “Taskbar settings.”

Once inside the notification area, scroll down to choose a choice: “Turn system icons on or off.”

You can undoubtedly turn on the Meet Now system icon.

Each time you boot or restart, The Meet Now icon should be unmistakably noticeable close to the framework plate. For some it’s a disturbance: you can save the framework symbol for Meet Now impaired and dispatch it straightforwardly from Skype in Windows 10.

Go to the quick actions outline in your Skype desktop application, and you can without much of a stretch beginning Meet Now conferences here.

Make a Skype Meeting in Meet Now

To make a Skype meeting in Meet Now, you can either manually activate the process from Skype or run it from the framework plate. The accompanying screen shows the primary alternative where you need to press “continue” to start.

It’s very easy to set up a meeting on Skype for Meet Now. A meeting link is consequently made, and you just need to enter the meeting topic.

You can click “Skype contacts” and add them to the meeting.

Snap “share a clink for others to join” to send the meeting invitation URL by email or text in the format

You can likewise plan a Meet Now meeting ahead of time from the “Schedule a call” alternative. It is conceivable to send a discretionary video message for the beneficiaries so they feel acquainted with you.

Skype Meet Now supports numerous approaches to share the meeting requests: Gmail, Outlook, Facebook, your default Windows 10 email application, or by copying the link.

When the meeting begins, you should have the option to see your own quality in the room. wait for others to join.

Meanwhile, you can change the sound and video settings. If your room background isn’t appealing, you can pick proficient background effects.

The progressing meeting is plainly noticeable and can be limited by closing the Meet Now window. This won’t separate the call. You can save the video-conference active however long you need and don’t need to stress about meeting expiry.

Join a Skype Conversation in Meet Now (PC)

In case you’re a participant on a desktop framework (Windows, Mac, Linux), you ought to get the meeting request in an email. Snap the meeting link to launch a browser window.

You should give Skype’s web tool the permission to use your PC microphone and speaker. As of now, Meet Now supports Edge and Chrome browsers as it were. You can undoubtedly join the meeting as a guest or else log in with your Skype account.

Next, you will see web notifications for Skype. Snap “allow” to be seen and heard on the call.

The meeting window at the beneficiary’s end appears to be unique from the organizer’s. When you join the call, the coordinator will get an alarm about your presence.

Join a Skype Conversation in Meet Now (Phone/Tablet)

You can easily attend Meet Now meetings on a cell phone or tablet. All you require is a browser to access the meeting. Check your email’s spam folders if the sender is unknown to you. Snap the meeting URL.

Open the meeting URL on your favorite mobile browser.

If you have a Skype application and account, you can use it to access the meeting. Something else, “join conversation” as a guest, which is faster.

Is Meet Now a Worthy Zoom Alternative?

In terms of highlights, Meet Now looks at well to Zoom. Both the coordinator and the beneficiaries can undoubtedly share their screens and can pick whether to limit it to an application window or show the whole screen.

The coordinator can require the meeting to be postponed during breaks and resume it thereafter. The speakers can be quieted without any problem. You can either turn the video conferencing symbol on or keep it off for a voice call.

The attendees can lift their hands if they have a question or idea.

The meetings can be effectively recorded and saved by the coordinator.

Meet Now has a powerful highlight called “Add subtitles,” which adds subtitles to voice and video brings progressively. This is quite useful if individuals experience issues understanding your voice and highlight.

You can undoubtedly eliminate any client from the Meet Now call anytime. Keep in mind, they will receive a notification that they were “kicked out of the meeting,” which may sound a bit offensive, so it’s smarter to request the participant leave cordially.

Last Verdict

As a Zoom alternative, Meet Now conveys well. We suggest it for those searching for free, limitless, excellent meetings. The main drawback is that you must be a Windows 10 user to organize a meeting. The only Zoom feature not supported in Meet Now is an “online whiteboard,” which is a shared space for teaming up among different users. Be that as it may, this component is supported in Skype for Business.

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