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How to Make a Wedding Program in CorelDRAW

How to Make a Wedding Program in CorelDRAW
How to Make a Wedding Program in CorelDRAW

How to Make a Wedding Program in CorelDRAW

Some wedding programs are a single-sided or twofold sided page, printed on card stock. These are sufficiently straightforward to make: pick your print size and include designs and text.

Wedding projects can likewise be a twofold sided page collapsed into equal parts, imprinted on cardstock or something lighter. This outcomes in a 4 page program: spread, inside left, inside right, and back. This is the thing that we will find out about in this how-to.

1. Setting up the page

For this project, we will use one portion of a letter-size page for each board. From (File > New) under Name: type Wedding Program. For Primary color mode, select RGB since you’ll probably be printing these yourself or at a business print shop. From the size drop-down select Half Letter and under Number of pages select 4. Snap OK.

The last step of the document arrangement is to go to (Layout > Page Layout) and check Facing Pages. Under Start on, select the Right side. Snap OK once again. You would now be able to look through program pages by tapping the tabs at the bottom.

2. Including Content

Including content is somewhat clear. For Page 1 – the program cover – you can get some clasp workmanship and fringes, and utilize the Text device to include the names and wedding date.

For Pages 2 and 3 – inside left and right – you can make artistic content in a mix of text styles. Use the apparatuses on the Align and Distribute docker to get everything set and arranged where you need it. Making gatherings of text objects is helpful while adjusting or distributing.

Page 4 – the back cover – can be left empty or you can insert passage text portraying the glad couple. In the event that you need to fill the content-box with the standard “Lorem Ipsum” text, you would then be able to alter, at that point initially make the section text box without including any content. At that point with the Pick device dynamic, right-click inside the content box and select Insert Placeholder Text.

3. Outputting the file

To handily yield the program, we will use the burden format. From (File > Print Preview), in the toolbar along the left side, select the Imposition Layout Tool. Next, from the Property bar under the main drop-down, select Booklet. You will see that you would now be able to see that pages 4 and 1 will print on one side. If you click the Layout Template (Back) tab at the base of the screen, you will see that pages 2 and 3 will be imprinted on the opposite side. The last advance is to tap on the rigging symbol (Print Options) on the Standard toolbar. This will permit you to choose the best possible printer, and set it for twofold sided printing.

Thanks for reading! We hope you found this tutorial helpful and we would love to hear your feedback in the Comments section below. And show us what you’ve learned by sharing your photos and creative projects with us.

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