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Instructions to Connect a Computer to Another Computer

How to Connect a Computer to Another Computer

This article is for individuals who need to share documents between at least two computers or offer a hard drive or printer. The procedure is fairly simple and should be possible with a couple of bits of equipment and a few programming changes. This article will disclose how to connect one computer to a second computer.

Interfacing a Computer to Another Computer


Turn the two computers off. In the event that you don’t do this before the entire procedure starts, your working frameworks may not begin appropriately or one PC may attempt to boot itself up from the other.


Plug one end of the CAT5 crossover cable into each of the computers’ Ethernet ports.


Turn both computers on. In the event that you have to sign in to your working framework, do this now simply like normal.


Open “My Computer” on both computers and click on “Properties.” Select “Computer Name” and after that “Change.” Give every PC a one of a kind name. It doesn’t make a difference what, since you’re just utilizing this for hierarchical purposes.


Point your mouse over “My Network Places” and right-click. Then click on “Properties” and choose “Internet Protocol” (TCP/IP.) Give each computer a unique IP address. Use and Set the subnet mask to for both.


Click on the computer’s hard drive that you need to share (this can be both) and click on sharing and security to share hard drives between the computers.


Pursue a similar procedure for printer sharing. Click on “Printers” in “My Computer.” Make sure you give your printer a name with the goal that you and your PCs can remember it. On the left edge, click “Offer This Printer.”

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