How To Create a Fiverr Account?

How To Create a Fiverr Account
How To Create a Fiverr Account

In this tutorial, you will learn-

How To Create a Fiverr Account?

not created a Fiverr account yet and looking for a complete tutorial towards Fiverr sign up. This tutorial will then assist you with some simple strategies and avoid some common mistakes even as you create a Fiverr account.  

Why is Fiverr sign up important?

If you want to sell or buy any service on Fiverr, then creating an account is compulsory. Otherwise, you’ll not be capable of perform any activity on Fiverr.

Ask five questions to yourself before Fiverr sign up

Before signing up to fiverr we hope you’ve got the answers to the following questions asking to none other than yourself.

1- “Why I’m creating Fiverr account?”

2- Have I study Fiverr TOS at the least 4 times?”

3- “What skills I’ve got to sell on fiverr.Com?”

4- “Do I’ve the required resource i.E. Internet, Computer & motivation and many others?”

5- “Can I communicate with someone confidently. In English?”

If you’ve find positive answers to those questions, Let’s move ahead!

If you prefer, you can also watch the tutorial video below:

How to create Fiverr account?


Click “Join” through the Fiverr homepage.


Put a valid email address with and click on “Continue.”

Important Note: You also can sign up through your Facebook or Google Connect accounts, however it’s not a preferable approach.


Choose a valid Username and set up your strong password and click “Join.”

Remember: Your username is 15 characters lengthy and can’t comprise special characters.

Important Note: Once a Username is chosen, it can’t be changed until you delete your present profile, so take it slow deciding on a wise Username. Prefer the use of your real name as a Fiverr Username; if not available, suggest using one that best describes your niche .For instance, in case you want to sell graphic services, you should use Usernames like “Graphic services,” “Graphics Ideas,” and so on.


Now, you’re a registered Fiverr person. Fiverr sends you a confirmation mail at your provided email address. Click “Activate Your Account,” and you’re all carried out with the Fiverr sign up.

Important Note: This confirmation email will be valid for 30 days. If you sign up after 30 days, click Resend, and you will get another email active for verifications for the next 30 days.

Thanks for reading! We hope you found this tutorial helpful and we would love to hear your feedback in the Comments section below. And show us what you’ve learned by sharing your projects with us.

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