How to Change Font in WordPress

How to Change Font in WordPress
How to Change Font in WordPress

In this article, you will learn How to Change Font in WordPress Tutorial step by step. So without much to do, let’s get started.

dislike the way your WordPress website is designed? We advise learning how to change your font in WordPress if you’re seeking a way to spruce up its looks. From your dashboard, you may complete this task with ease. See the easy steps listed below:

For changing the fonts on a WordPress website, check the steps below. The same procedures apply to people who have business accounts, but by adding a plugin, you’ll have more possibilities.

Open your WordPress account and log in. You can access your

In the sidebar on the left, select Appearance.

Next, select Customize.

In the left side, select Fonts. You can select any font from a drop-down menu that appears when you do this.

Select your base font and headings. Post and page titles should use the heading text, while all other main body text should use the base font. The right panel will display a live sample of how it will appear on your website.

The font size can also be modified by selecting “Normal Size” from the headings drop-down menu. A drop-down menu with several size options will appear as a result. By selecting the “Regular” button next to the font size choice, you may also alter the font style.

The red X in the font drop-down menu can be clicked to return your font to its default setting.

Click Save & Publish when you’re happy with your selections.

There are numerous typefaces available using the WordPress design customizer. Consider these suggestions if you want your website to look professional:

o To create a hierarchy, headings should be bolder and larger than the body copy.

Use fonts that belong to the same family. This can be achieved by using the same font for the base and headings but altering the weight or size.

o A sans-serif and a serif font combination always look good. In 2015, even Google shifted to sans serif.

o Use a slab or thick typeface in combination with thin text to create contrast.

Your theme might not let you alter the fonts if you can’t use them this way. However, you can install several free plugins to change your font. Use Any Font and Easy Google Fonts are two excellent examples.


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