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How Can You Apply for CapCut Creator and Get Paid for Templates?

CapCut creator program
CapCut creator program

In this article, you will learn about the Capcut-Creator-Program step by step. So without much to do, let’s get started.

The CapCut Creator Program is a great option if you want to make some extra cash by making professional-quality templates. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of applying to the CapCut Creator Program and registering your account.

Sign up as a CapCut creator and get paid to do amazing video edits. Developers for TikTok frequently use this software due to the intuitive nature of its editing menu.

You can get a license to use CapCut to edit videos and then start making CapCut video templates. Get started making money off of the CapCut customer templates. You can take the first steps toward becoming a CapCut developer by studying revenue generation.

Where Can I Register for the CapCut Creator Software?

The process of signing up for the CapCut Creator Program is simple. Just follow these steps:

Get the CapCut app on Google Play or the App Store.

Open the CapCut app and select the “Template” menu item from the drop-down menu.

It will send you to the template page where you will notice a banner on top saying “Be a CapCut Creator and get paid”

On the next page, click on the banner and carefully read the instructions.

Scroll to the bottom and click the “Apply Now” button.

It will open a form for the CapCut Creator Program, which you must complete.

The information requested normally includes your name, email address, age, and residence, in addition to your CapCut ID, etc.

Also, provide your WhatsApp and Discord ID.

Submit a CapCut-edited video sample.


This will serve as evidence of your CapCut expertise and be used to determine if you are invited to join the Creator program.

After you’ve finished preceding, click the “Submit” button. You must now wait for them to contact you through email with instructions for moving forward. You’ll get instructions on how to get started with your CapCut template publishing.

How to Apply to be a CapCut Creator (US version only)

Tips for CapCut Creator Program Selection

Competition for the Creator Program is fierce because so many individuals are now editing videos. The CapCut staff will consider your application in making their decision about whether or not to accept you. As a result, if you want to get noticed by the CapCut team, you need to make sure your video edits are intriguing and eye-catching.

If you want a better chance of getting into the CapCut Creator Program, just follow these simple steps:

Learn the newest techniques in video editing, such as keyframing, overlays, slow motion, zoom effects, and more.

Spend some time making changes in order to develop the necessary skills.

Review your finished video with people who have a basic understanding of video editing.

You may get into WhatsApp, Discord, and Telegram groups where they debate about trendy CapCut templates

See if you can invent something along the lines of what’s currently popular.

Find out any copyright-free templates and music and try merging your ideas on that

Look for ideas on sites such as YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram, etc.

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Explain CapCut and why you should participate in its Creator Program.

If you have any interest in video editing, you will be familiar with CapCut. CapCut offers its users a variety of essential services. It is a video editing tool. These tools will let you create visually appealing changes to your movies.

This app was developed by Bytedance Pte. Ltd. and published in July 2022. Over 500 million users have downloaded CapCut. This is due to the fact that many individuals use the software to edit films before sharing them on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

This is especially true now when many viewers prefer to see fresh material. Given its features, it’s no wonder that CapCut is used to edit movies for a more engaging viewing experience.

CapCut released this program because of the app’s popularity and the demand for its template library. They want to work with the developers to get the app in front of as many eyes as possible. So, here’s your chance to show off your video editing skills and get some money doing what you love.

Who can try to get into the CapCut Creator Program?

At first, there are no limits on the program. But things will be a lot easier once you are in the US. Even if you are not from the US, you should still give it a try. Try to make the best video edit you can and send in your application. Then you’ll have a chance at being chosen.

What are the Program’s eligibility requirements?

CapCut’s program guidelines include the following conditions.

However, feel free to apply even if you do not meet one of these requirements:

Applicants must be at least 18 years old.

Located in the United States

The video edit length should ideally be less than 60 seconds.

While applying, take a screenshot of your video editing timeline.

What are the payouts and rewards?

CapCut will pay you for the templates you make that meet their standards and get added to their app. So, if you want to get paid more, try to make as many templates and trendy video changes as you can.

Also, the people who make the best themes will get a weekly bonus. You can make more than $1,000 with this tool if you can make templates that people want to use. CapCut does offer extra reward programs from time to time.

What should you do if you can’t get into the CapCut Creator program?

CapCut seems to have cut down on the number of applicants because there were so many. A lot of the time, people can only become template creators and post templates if they get an official request from CapCut. But if you want to improve your chances of being chosen, you can try one of the following two things:

Take part in one of CapCut’s periodic efforts to get people to join. Keep an eye out for campaign notices in the app, and when you see one, tap it to learn more and apply.

CapCut sometimes asks users to become template creators based on things like how many movies they export, how many days they use the app, and how many people they follow. If you do all of these things, your chances of being asked to become a creator will go up.

How to Use CapCut Templates

You will need to sign up for a free CapCut account before you can get started. You can access it in the browser, on your mobile device running iOS or Android, on your desktop running Mac or PC, or by downloading the appropriate app.

Both the CapCut and TikTok templates are available in the browser version and can be used to search and use the templates. Let’s start with the web-based version of CapCut and its template system.

The Advantages of Being a CapCut Content Creator

Funds in your wallet

You will be rewarded for your talent and creativity if you create things that people adore.

Get in touch with the most reliable confidants.

Because they value the creator’s community’s input, they provide sneak peeks at upcoming developments.

Personalized support from CapCut.

You can talk to product managers directly for assistance with any creative project, no matter how big or little.

Professional benefits for professional content creators.

You’ll get free access to the whole CapCut pro feature set.

Final Reflections

Use your Facebook or TikTok credentials to access Capcut. Step two: access the template library. To apply, simply click the top banner. Complete the Capcut content creator registration form with your details, including your complete name, an active WhatsApp number, and links to your own original video content.

In order to become a CapCut content producer, you must first wait a few days after submitting the registration form. Make people want to follow you as a CapCut creator by using your own unique video edits.

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